Hobbywing WiFi Express Modul

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With the sensational, new Hobbywing WiFi Express Module you can configure your Hobbywing ESC... more
Product information "Hobbywing WiFi Express Modul"

With the sensational, new Hobbywing WiFi Express Module you can configure your Hobbywing ESC using your smartphone and an app. No more fidgeting with wires that are too short! No more programming using a bulky laptop or an impractical programming card. This Module is truly Plug & Play*

*= when using an ESC with a shared fan / programming port, the cooling fan needs to be unplugged to use the WiFi Epress Module. Live Telemetry is not recommended in such cases, because the ESC should not be operated without the fan running.


The App (HW Link in the iOS and Android Store) is able to store settings. Like that you always have the correct setup on hand for the track ahead. Furthermore you'll always have an eye on telemetry data such as ESC temperature, motor temperature, battery voltage and motor revs*. With the support function of the App you'll always have the manual and other information about your ESC in your pocket.
Changing the parameters via the app is done, in contrast to a program box, intuitively with the graphical user interface of the app. Like that you always the settings of your ESC visible and can change them - in real time!



The Controller can not only be configured via the app. You can upgrade its firmware as well. All without having to have a laptop at hand. Live and on the spot.
Because programming is done via app, the WiFi module doesn't need a display of its own. As a result, the module is only a sixth of the size of a program box!

In case something doesn't work properly, the WiFi module can simply be reset using the reset button.

Compatibility: The WiFi module works with ESCs of the XeRun and EzRun Series. Furthermore it's compatible with Platinum airplane ESCs and the Boat ESCs of the SEAKING PPRO Series
Unfortunately it is not compatible with every ESC of these Series'. Whether your Controller is compatible with the WiFi module, you can look up in the manual of your ESC.

Operating voltage: 5V - 12,6V
WiFi Protocol: IEEE802.11 b/g/n
WiFi Range: up to 10 Meters (without obstacles)
Dimensions: 25,7 x 25,7 x 8,8 mm (LxWxH)
Weight: 11g

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