Junsi iCharger 3010B charger

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Balancer Board:

  • ESK8B10491
The Junsi 3010B is a microprocessor driven High-Performance fast-charger/discharger and... more
Junsi iCharger 3010B charger

The Junsi 3010B is a microprocessor driven High-Performance fast-charger/discharger and balancer. It has enough power to load 10S battery packs with 30A

Supported battery types: Li-Ion/LiPo/LiFe, NiMH/NiCd, Pb
Number of cells: 1-10 Li-Ion/LiPo/LiFe, 1-25 NiMH/NiCd, 1-18 Pb (2-36 V)
Input voltage: 4,5-38 V Direct current
Charging power: Max. 1000 W with Input voltage > 23V. When using 12V Max. 500W
Charging current: 0,05 - 30 A
Discharging power: 80 W (when using external load up to 1200W with 40V/30A possible)
Discharging current: 0,05 - 30 A
Balancing current: < 500 mA/Cell
Balance accuracy: <10mV
automatic fan controller
Settings of up to ten battery packs can be saved
adjustable number of charging and discharging cycles:  1-10

Sturdy aluminium enclosure
USB port for data logging and firmware upgrades
Regenerative discharging (Battery recovery)
Modes to cut Styrofoam, test electric motors and measuring the internal resistance of up to 6 cells

The device
Binding posts
Temperature sensor
Adapter cable for the balancing board
Charging cable: Banana plugs to alligator clip (for lead batteries)
CD-Rom with Software and Manuals in English

Notice! The balancer board is not part of the items delivered because it has to fit your battery system. If you need a balancing board, you may add it above or you may find it in the accessories tab.

Balancer current: < 0,5A
special features: USB port, Measurement of the internal resistance of the cells, Updateable Firmware, Motor Testmode
Charging current: 0,05 - 30A
Input voltage: 4,5 - 38 V DC
Charging voltage: 2 - 36V
Charging power: 1000 W when > 23 V Input Voltage, 500 W at 12 V input Voltage
Amount of Cells - Lead: 1 - 18
Balancer accuracy: < 10 mV
Supported types of batteries: Li-Ionen, Li-Polymer, Ni-Metallhydrid, Ni-Cadmium, Lead
Amount of Cells - NiMH: 1 - 25
Amount of Cells - Lithium: 1 - 10
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