Junsi iCharger 308 DUO Charger - 2x650W

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The Junsi iCharger 308 DUO is a powerful charging system capable of charging 2 battery(packs) in... more
Junsi iCharger 308 DUO Charger - 2x650W

The Junsi iCharger 308 DUO is a powerful charging system capable of charging 2 battery(packs) in parallel

Microprocessor driven High-Performance fast-charger/discharger and balancer
Supported battery types: LiIo/LiPo/LiFe/NiZn, NiMH/NiCd, Pb
Number of cells: 1-8 LiIo/LiPo/LiFe/NiZn, 1-20 NiMH/NiCd, 1-15 Pb (2-30 V) 
Input voltage: 10-30 V direct current
Input current: < 60A, both channels are limited to 40A each
Charging power max.(asynchronous): 1300W - 2 x 650W with >23.5V (each channel is capable of max. 800W)
Charging power max.(synchronous): 1300W with >23.5V

asynchronous means one battery(pack) per terminal
synchronous means the terminals are being switched to parallel mode

Charging power at input voltage > 23.5V: Max. 1300W
Charging power at input voltage 12V:  Max. 432W When using one Terminal, 648W when using both.
Charging current: 2 x 0.05 - 30A  (asynchronous)
Charging current: 0.05 - 50A (synchronous)
Discharge power max.: 130W synchronous, 2 x 65W asynchronous (one terminal alone is capable of max. 80W).
Discharge current: 2 x 0.05 - 30A (asynchronous), 0.05 - 50A (synchronous)
Regenerative discharge: up to 1300W asynchronous, 1300W synchronous (each terminal is capable of max. 800W)

Regenerative discharge = Feeding current back into a acid battery

Discharging with an eternal load max.: 2100W 35V/30A (each terminal is capable of max. 1050W)
Balancer-current: 1.2A per Terminal and cell or 2.4A in synchronous mode
Balance accuracy: <10mV
automatic fan control - 2 fans
USB Port: 5V/1A (Current limiting to 1.2A)
Micro SD Slot to save logs and data

further functions:
Measuring of the internal resistance of each cell
Servo test
Firmware Update via USB

Dimensions: 171.2×117.8×58.8 ±0.5mm
Weight: 0,91 kg

Junsi iCharger 308 Duo
2x Balancer board XH
2x Balancer cable 9 pin for Balancer board XH
2x Charging cable 2,5 mm² with banana plug
1x Input cable 4 mm² to 5,5 mm connector
CD-Rom with software and manual in English

Notice: This charger comes only with balancer boards for batteries with an XH connector. If a different balancer board is needed it may be found under the accessories tab below.

Supported types of batteries: Li-Ionen, Li-Polymer, Li-Ironphosphate, Ni-Metallhydrid, Ni-Cadmium, Lead, Ni-Zink
Charging power: 2 x 650 W asynchronous at > 23 V input Voltage, 1300 W synchronous at > 23 V input Voltage
Amount of Cells - Lead: 1 - 15
Input current: < 60 A , < 40 A per Channel
Charging voltage: 2 - 36V
Input voltage: 10 - 30 V DC
special features: Micro SD-Card slot, USB port, Asynchronous charging, Measurement of the internal resistance of the cells, Updateable Firmware, automatic fan controller, Servotest
Charging current: 0,05 - 50A Synchronous, 2x 0,05 - 30A Asynchronous
Number of fans: 2 Fans
Balancer current: 1.2A Synchron, 2.4A Asynchron
Balancer accuracy: < 10 mV
Amount of Cells - NiMH: 1 - 20
Amount of Cells - Lithium: 1 - 8
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