Atom 36" Drop Through Longboard

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  • ESK8B10519
This awesome little board is the perfect choice for those that like the advantages of a standard... more
Product information "Atom 36" Drop Through Longboard"

This awesome little board is the perfect choice for those that like the advantages of a standard Drop Through Longboard, but at a considerably smaller turning radius. It doesn't matter if you want to weave through crowds or cones. this little carver will do it just right. With its 9" wide deck for powerful turning, the low ground clearance for easy pushing and its 70mm Super High Rebound PU Wheels for a Cadillac-like ride and ultra low rolling friction, the Atom 36" Mini Drop-Through Longboard is a hard to beat all-rounder

Deck made of Maple laminate
Reverse King Pin Longboard Trucks (245mm Axle)
Super High Rebound Pu Wheels (70 x 51mm)
ABEC 9 Ball bearing with High-Speed Lubricant
High Quality 80S Grip Tape
Available in 3 Designs:
Blue, Yellow and Rasta

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