FLIPSKY FSESC 6.6 based upon VESC® 6

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The Flipsky FSESC with heatsink and power switch. An anti-spark switch makes it easier for you... more
Product information "FLIPSKY FSESC 6.6 based upon VESC® 6"

The Flipsky FSESC with heatsink and power switch.
An anti-spark switch makes it easier for you to switch it on and off.
XT-90 connector for the battery.

- Hardware: V6.6
- Firmware: VESC_default_no_hw_limits
- Voltage: 8V - 60V (safe for 3S to 12S LiPo)
- Voltage peaks must not exceed 60V.
- Current: continuous load 60A, peak 150A. The values depend on the temperature and the air circulation around the unit.
- 5V 1.5A output for external electronics
- 3.3V 1A output for external electronics
- Modes: DC, BLDC, FOC (sinusoidal)
- Supported sensors: ABI, HALL, AS5047
- including anti-spark switch
- Aluminium Heatsink: 74mm*45.5mm*10mm
- Weight: 125g

- Measurement of current and voltage of all phases
- Regenerative braking
- Traction control (single and double adjustment)
- Sensor or sensorless operation + hybrid operation
- Configurable speed, current, voltage and power limits
- Input source: PPM, simulation, NRF Nyko Kama Nunchuck
- Communication ports: USB, CAN, UART, NRF, Bluetooth
- Acceleration curves and ramps for all input sources
- Separate acceleration and brake gas curves
- Seamless four-quadrant operation
- Motor speed, ampere hours, watt-hour number
- Immediate data analysis and readout via communication port
- Various protection functions can be set:
- Low input voltage
- High input voltage
- High motor current
- High input current
- High regenerative braking current (separate limitation of motor and input)
- High speed (separate limitation in each direction).
- Overtemperature (MOSFET and motor)

Scope of delivery:
1 x FSECS6.6 + aluminium heatsink and power button
1 x USB Micro Flash Charge VOCC cable
1 x Mini Micro JST 2.0 PH 3-pin plug with wires Cable
1 x manual

Flipsky optimizations:

1. performance optimizations

In order to effectively and safely protect the power contacts from wear by electrical sparks and the electronic components of integrated circuits from failure, Flipsky has integrated an anti-savings circuit that permits a maximum current of up to 300A.

To make the voltage and filters more stable, Flipsky has replaced the original C46 and C47 with large electrolytic capacitors with greater capacity and better energy storage. Furthermore C37 ,C39 ,C41,C40,C43,C44 were replaced by 10µF 100V high voltage capacitors. This makes the voltage change at the MOS FETs more stable and efficient.

2. processing advantages of GND on the circuit

Three zero ohm resistors have been added to achieve a better filtering effect.

3. optimizing the performance of the 3.3V power supply

The LM3671 chip was replaced by the two-channel MIC5219-3.3YM5, increasing the original 3.3V, 600mA to 2 x 500mA = 1A for a better supply to the periphery.
Two IN5819 diode rectifiers have also been added as short-circuit protection.
The C9 2.2µF capacitor was replaced by 10µF and a 4.7µF filter capacitor was added.

4. 5V power supply output optimization

Replacement of the C31 capacitor 2.2µF by 22µF

5. other optimization

Replacement of the C15 capacitor 2.2µF by 22µF

6. optimization of Mos-Fet

To achieve a continuous 60A output and more stable performance, twelve NTMFS5C628NL power MOSFETs specifically designed for heat dissipation and overcurrent are used.

7. optimization of PCB layout

The PCB adopts a gold thickening process with a 6-layer layout. The thickness of each copper foil layer is 3OZ and the total thickness of the copper foil is 3OZ x 6 = 18OZ.

BEC power: 3,3V 1A, 5V / 1,5A
Voltage range: 8V - 60V
Continous current: 60A
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