APS Brushless Hubmotor

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An Innovation from Alien Power System. With this set you can build your very own Stealth board.... more
Product information "APS Brushless Hubmotor"

An Innovation from Alien Power System. With this set you can build your very own Stealth board. Hub motors are all the rage now and not undeserved. Thanks to their inconspicuous design you won't be recognized as an electric skateboarder immediately.
They offer a lot of advantages over a "classic" drive system with chain or belt:

  • Less power loss due to friction
  • Less Noise
  • Less Weight

The Motors will fit any standard 8mm axle. To mount the motor to the axle you need to drill 2 small holes into the hanger. They are designed for Voltages up to 12S (44,4 V) with a Maximum Current of 50A.

Included in this set are 2 Hub Motors as well as 2 Front Wheels. To be able to power the motors you will need a twin ESC or 2 single ESCs

Sensor: No
Brushes: Brushless Motor
Motordiameter: 83mm
Length: 50mm
Power: 2000 Watt
KV: 67 KV
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