WAND Remote Control Trampa

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  • ESK8B10918
- Stable and safe with NRF radio link - High resolution OLED display - 2x AAA standard... more
Product information "WAND Remote Control Trampa"
- Stable and safe with NRF radio link
- High resolution OLED display
- 2x AAA standard battery with a lifespan of over 60 hours
- External dimensions: 144 x 31 x 22 mm
- All-aluminum 6061 T6 SOLID CNC housing - Black anodized with laser logos
- Magnetic base plate. The remote control is liable for safe storage on metal surfaces.

Modes that the WAND can control;
- Forward
- Brake
- Turning back
- cruise control
- Preprogrammable

OLED display shows you;
- Momentary speed
- Average speed
- Amp Draw
- Battery status of the remote control
- Battery status of the card
- Degree of utilization
- Estimated range
- Watt hour consumption
- many more features

- shock sensor (stops the board when the remote falls to the floor)
- No signal when the remote control is turned over (eg fume hood on the surface)
- Secure NRF-based wireless communication
- Safe pairing on board
- No calibration required
- No interference with other remote controls (group trips)
- Automatic switch off, automatic switch on
- Regular firmware updates available

- Triggers of different sizes for fingers of different sizes
- Can be turned into a pistol-grip style remote control that adds a grip for easy grip
- Can be changed to have a thumb stem and a small trigger on the bottom (accelerate with your forefinger and brake with your thumb).
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