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Boosted Rev is a true marriage of iconic design, vehicle-grade safety, and durability. We... more
Product information "Boosted Scooter Rev"

Boosted Rev is a true marriage of iconic design,
vehicle-grade safety, and durability. We custom-designed
and manufactured every component, incorporating our
proprietary powertrain technology to deliver the unbeatable
performance and quality our riders expect.

Boosted Rev delivers signature Boosted performance with
its powerful dual-wheel drive and proprietary powertrain. It
features a top speed of 24 mph and power that handles 25%
grade hills with ease. Along with its instant acceleration and
confidence-inspiring electric brakes, Boosted Rev allows
you take on any commute. And with 22 miles of range, it’s
designed to get you there and back (and there again) on a
single charge.
We’ve thought through every aspect of Boosted Rev, putting
ease-of-use at the forefront of every design decision. The
simple, intuitive Throttle Wheel allows for one-handed
acceleration and braking with the roll of your thumb. Plus
its LED display and custom-designed folding mechanism
make the scooter a breeze to operate and tuck away when
you’re done.
Finally, a vehicle-grade electric scooter

Boosted Rev is the only scooter on the market with truly
powerful and eective electric brakes, giving you
best-in-class power and responsive control so you can react
to any situation. The distinctive frame geometry, ergonomic
handlebars, and wide, custom-designed tires makes
Boosted Rev remarkably stable so you feel confident and
safe no matter what lies ahead.

Boosted Rev is built with high-quality materials and
advanced manufacturing techniques. We put our scooters
through rigorous mechanical, electrical, and environmental
tests that exceed industry standards. Next, we have our
team of riders test them in real-life conditions. The result? A
street-worthy, weatherproof scooter that we stand by with

Wasserschutz IP: IPX7
Technical Data: 1500 Watt
Max. Steigungsgrad: 25%
App: Android, IOS
Weight: 20,9kg
Top Speed: 39km/h
Max. Range: 35 Km
Charging time: 3 h
Type of Battery: Lithium
Brakes: with energie recuperation
Abmessungen: 111,75 cm Länge, 60,95 cm Breite, 113,8 cm Höhe, 50,8 cm Höhe zusammengeklappt
Max. load capacity: 113kg
Type of wheel: Pneumatisch
Wheel diameter: 9"x3,00"-6"
Street Legal?: No
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