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Evo LBC: The most recent Innovation by EVO! L stands for Longboard The extremely... more
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Evo LBC: The most recent Innovation by EVO!

L stands for Longboard

The extremely lightweight and nimble longboard trucks deliver a carving feeling like never before on an electric skateboard.
The 80mm wheels (Shore 78A) clutch into the asphalt with all their might. The integrated grip allows for easy transportation.

B stands for Bi-Motor

The Evo in Wheel (EIM) Technology takes care, that no one will notice that you're riding an electric skateboard at first. They will only realize it,
when you whiz by them without needing to push.
Since the motors (1200 Watts each!) are integrated into the back wheels you'll benefit in the following ways:

- Weight reduction because no guide rollers are needed
- Less friction, because no belt is being driven
- Improved energy efficiency
- Great freewheeling properties
- whisper-silent

C stands for Carbon

This Board is an eye-catcher as well. The Deck is made of carbon material and the electronics and battery are fully integrated into it. Still, the deck is only 32mm thin on its thickest spot!
Being as slim as it is has positive effects for the weight. The whole board weighs a measly 6.8 Kg. A true featherweight.

Included in the box is a carry bag for your Evo. The carry bag has got pockets for the charger and the remote on the inside. The charger can get your Evo to full charge in 2-3 hours. The remote is very compact, ergonomic and features two modes. A slower mode for beginners and a fast mode for pros.

Technical Data:
Top Speed: 40 Km/h
Max. Range: 30 Km
Charging time: 2-3h
Motor: 2x1200 Watt
Type of motor: Brushless
Battery Capacity: 7 Ah
Battery Voltage: 36 V
Type of Battery: Lithium
Type of drive: Hub Drive
Brakes: Motor brakes
Board style: Longboard
Max. load capacity: 110 KG
Deck width: 24 cm
Deck length: 89 cm
Type of wheel: PU
Wheel diameter: 80 mm
Street Legal?: No
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