Jaykay Elektro Longboard Single Kit

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Equip your deck with the patented Jaykay axles! The axles contain the electric... more
Jaykay Elektro Longboard Single Kit
Equip your deck with the patented Jaykay axles!

The axles contain the electric drive, the batteries and all the electronics. Externally, it is indistinguishable from other longboard axles.

Weight per axle: 2 kg
Width outside (roll-roll) 291mm
Width inside (roll-roll): 168 mm
Height: (roll baseplate above) 102mm
Roll diameter 80mm
Roll width 61.5 cm
The e-axis is made of a high-quality aluminum alloy, it forms the housing and cools the engine and the electronics.

Four integral motors
Torque 1.2 Nm per motor
100% freewheel even with empty batteries
Maximum slope of 20%
Top speed 35 km / h

Each hanger on the e-axis has four 2170 (0) high-performance cells integrated into it.
To the batteries u.a. To protect against deep discharge and overvoltage, a Battery Management System (BMS) is integrated.

Range 12 km - 15 km (7,5 miles-10miles)
Battery-saving charging time 2.5 h
Charging cycles 500
Battery via power supply with USB PD from profile 2 (recommended for long charging time from Profile 4)
Other devices can be inductively Qi; USB cable 5V, 1.5A charged (second generation available)
Battery pack is interchangeable
Certified for air travel

Braking regains energy, allowing you to extend your maximum range. This allows you to slow down even when the battery is empty or full.
In the event of a fall, the board is automatically braked, as the electronics detect when the driver leaves the board.

JayKay app
Available for IOS and Android
Overview of your top speed, the average speed and the distance already covered. In addition, your current battery status will be displayed with the remaining range remaining.
Three different driving modes (slow, fast, eco)
Board lock

The patented JayKay e-axes are controlled by the ring developed by Jaykay himself.
If the small turning wheel is turned upwards, the board accelerates, it is turned downwards and slows down the board. If you let go of the rotary wheel, the wheel automatically switched to the starting position.
A small display informs you about your current speed, the battery status and your chosen driving mode.

+48 hours battery
Spray and water resistant

2 synchronized JayKay e-axes
2 power adapters with USB Type C connector
JayKay Tool
App: IOS, Android
Max. Steigungsgrad: 20%, 11,3°
Waterproof: IP54
Top Speed: 35 Km/h
Max. Range: 7 km
Charging time: 2,5 h
Type of motor: Brushless
Type of Battery: Lithium
Type of drive: Hub Drive
Brakes: with energie recuperation
Type of wheel: PU
Wheel diameter: 80 mm
Street Legal?: No
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