Jaykay Remote

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  • ESK8B10939
Replacement remote for the Jaykay e-axes Menu : From the display, you can see your current... more
Jaykay Remote

Replacement remote for the Jaykay e-axes

From the display, you can see your current speed, battery status and chosen driving modes.
You can choose between three power levels and five maximum speeds. (6km / h, 12km / h, 20km / h, 25km / h and 30km / h)
You will also be informed about the distance traveled today and the total number of kilometers.
You can turn the front and rear lights on and off.

To accelerate or decelerate, the rotary wheel must be moved up or down.
The speed is maintained at the push of a button. Turning the wheel slightly downwards deactivates this function.

48h battery
Spray and water resistant

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