Mo-Bo replacement lithium battery block

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Replacement lithium battery for the Mo-Bo 800, 1300 and 1600 These batteries make your... more
Product information "Mo-Bo replacement lithium battery block"

Replacement lithium battery for the Mo-Bo 800, 1300 and 1600

These batteries make your electric skateboard really come to life. Their lower weight compared to lead-gel batteries at equal or greater capacity and their longer lifespan justify the higher price - guaranteed

Battery voltage: 36V

Lithium batteries are available in the following capacities:
10 Ah - Range: 12Km - 25Km* Weight: ~3,5kg 
20 Ah - Range: 20Km - 45Km* Weight: ~4,5kg
29 Ah - Range: 30Km - 55Km* (Cells made by Panasonic) Weight: ~4,8kg
34,5 Ah - Range: 40Km - 70Km* Weight: ~7,3kg
48 Ah - Range: 64Km - 100Km* (Cells made by Panasonic) Weight: ~7,8kg

*= The stated values are achievable at ideal conditions and depend on weight, your model of electric skateboard, temperature, the kind of surface on which you ride, charge, age and state of the battery

Suitable for: Mo-Bo 800W, Mo-Bo 1300W, Mo-Bo 1600W
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