Unlimited x Loaded Tesseract Blue Race

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The workmanship of the Tesseract is typical Loaded, made of bamboo with glass fiber. There... more
Unlimited x Loaded Tesseract Blue Race
The workmanship of the Tesseract is typical Loaded, made of bamboo with glass fiber. There is also a cushioning cork layer on the underside, which supports overall integrity and an additional layer of basalt for extra flow. Basalt is a blackish volcanic rock that is particularly used in road construction and provides additional damping.
With adjustable wheelbase, which on the one hand slightly influences the performance and on the other hand also reduces or increases the kicks. The minimal rocker ensures a very good board feeling and supports stance and control.

The Unlimited Race Kit is the highest quality version of the e-skate drives.
2 batteries and 2 motors! Are you looking for the next kick?
Here you have more power than you will ever need on an e-skate.
Of course, you can also use only one motor (or only one battery).

Push to start: You have to min. Push 2km / h so that the engine starts
3 selectable driving modes: Snail, Eco, Pro
Tunable app: Acceleration, braking behavior and top speed can be adapted exactly to your preferences.
Remote control: Press and hold A to cruise to set the mode to your current speed. Release A to deactivate. Press and hold B at full throttle for an extra speed boost.
The tailor-made engine with Premium Orangatang urethane liner has tons of torque and fits on almost any truck.
The replaceable lithium-ion battery is powerful and robust. You can take it with you on your next flight and the buttons show you the charge status of your battery in different colors.
The Orangatang engine fairings and standard Orangatang Caguama wheels give you great rolling behavior, a lot of grip, vibration damping and relaxed slides.

Scope of delivery:

Loaded Tesseract Blue Deck
Paris V3 180mm 43 ° truck
Custom Orangatang Nipple Bushing setup (hard / yellow rear, soft / orange front)
Complete with the Unlimited Race Kit:
- 2 motors
- 2 orangatang motor liners
- 2 Orangatang Caguama standard rolls (with Loaded Jehu V2 ball bearings)
- 2 batteries
- 2 core (motor controller)
- 1 dual baseplate
- 1 charger
- 1 remote control
- 1 Skate Tool & Assembly Kit
Max. Steigungsgrad: 36%, 20°
App: Android, IOS
Weight: 4 kg
Technical Data: 90 Wh
Top Speed: 43,5 km/h
Max. Range: 21 km
Charging time: 1h 20min
Motor: 840 Watt
Type of motor: Brushless
Battery Capacity: 2,5 Ah
Battery Voltage: 36 V
Type of Battery: Lithium
Type of drive: Hub Drive
Brakes: with energie recuperation
Board style: Longboard
Max. load capacity: 110 KG
Type of wheel: Rubber - Smooth
Wheel diameter: 85 mm
Street Legal?: No
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