Skatey 350 Lithium

Skatey 350 Lithium Wood Art
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The new Skatey 350L is equipped with a hub motor and a lithium battery and may be ordered in... more
Skatey 350 Lithium

The new Skatey 350L is equipped with a hub motor and a lithium battery and may be ordered in black or wooden decor.
The 350L is lightweight and compact and rides smooth and powerful. Its Hub Motor is near invisibly integrated into the drive wheel.
Its compact size and low weight make the board ideal to take everywhere you go. It offers everything and on top of that it's quite affordable.

The powerful wheel hub drive accelerates you and the board to a top speed of 18 Km/h (11.25 Mph). The batteries can be recharged in 2 to 4 hours and give the board a range of up to 20 Km (12.5 Miles)
The completely redesigned Bluetooth remote gives you full control. It is easy to use takes care of smooth acceleration and quick engine braking. No experience with riding? No Problem! There are 2 modes between which you can switch.
Start with the beginner mode and, once you're confident enough you can switch to pro mode.

Please, always make sure to wear proper safety gear, when riding your electric skateboard.

Top Speed: 18 Km/h
Max. Range: 20 Km
Charging time: 2-4h
Motor: 350 Watt
Type of motor: Brushless
Type of Battery: Lithium
Type of drive: Hub Drive
Brakes: Motor brakes
Board style: Longboard
Max. load capacity: 80 Kg
Deck width: 31 cm
Deck length: 92 cm
Type of wheel: PU
Wheel diameter: 80 mm
Street Legal?: No
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