MBS Colt 90X - Constellation Mountainboard

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The Colt 90 is a great board for beginner mountainboarders. It comes to your door pre assembled... more
MBS Colt 90X - Constellation Mountainboard

The Colt 90 is a great board for beginner mountainboarders. It comes to your door pre assembled with the MBS braking system. This board motivates thousands each year to learn this fascinating hobby 

Deck: Colt 90 (Constellation)
Trucks: ATS.12 - The improved ATS truck now features 12mm Axles instead of 9.5mm ones. Aside from the obvious performance advantages. this makes the colt 90 even more compatible with the rest of the line, making upgrades easier. 
Binding: F1 Binding
Tyres: T1 - The T1 Tyres by MBS belong to the fastest available today. Their special profile is designed in such a way, that there' s always the right amount of tread on the road. No more, no less.
Rims: FiveStar - Battle tested and solid as a rock.. The MBS FiveStar Rim is a proven design which has been the reference for mountainboards for a long time.
Ball bearings: 12x28mm - Standard bearings. The are used in all MBS Wheels

Tech Specs:
Rider Style: Padawan (Beginners who want to learn mountain- , kite- or e-boarding)
Weight: 6,6 Kg
Length: 105,2 cm / 41,1"
Truck distance: 85,2 cm / 33,5"
Deck material: Maple Wood
Stiffness: Stiff
Graphic material: Maple
Grip tape: 46 grit, Aluminium oxide
tip angle: 20°
Deck length: 90,2 cm / 35,5"
Deck width: 22 cm / 8,7"
Deck weight: 1,9 Kg
Truck material: Hanger and base made of Die-cast aluminium. Axle made of chromoly
King Pin: Chromoly
Suspension: Orange bushing
Axle width: 40 cm / 15,8"
Axle diameter: 12mm (Solid)
Rim color: Black
Mounting material: Black zinc / Nickel
Brake compatible?: Yes
Brake included?: Yes


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