Repair Request

Did your belt rip and you don't know with which to replace it? Did your electronics release the magic smoke or do you have a slack joint somewhere? Does your board refuse to drive straight? If you got problems with your electric skateboard and don't know what to do next, don't despair. You still have two options:

No. 1: Workshop Area in the GERMAN Forum

There is a Workshop Area in the forum for DIY repairs. Either you find the solution to your problem there, or you'll find someone who is able to help you after you have described your problem in great detail. Pictures help as well
Link to the workshop area on the Forum

No. 2: Contact us

Send us a detailed description of you problem; again, pictures are always appreciated.
In case it is not visible in the pictures, please also state the make and model of your board.
If possible, the date of purchase of the board might be helpful. If you bought the boards in our shop, the invoice number should suffice.

We'll try to analyse the problem according to the information you provide and try to estimate how much a fix would cost. If you want to fix the problem yourself, we'll send you the parts. If you want us to give it a try, we'll send you a parcel label, so that you can send your board to us.