Street Use

The following information is only relevant in Germany. Please make sure, that using an electric-skateboard is legal in your country before using it on public roads.

Electric skateboards are not (yet) legal for use on public roads in Germany.
They may only be used on privately owned roads and areas where they are expressly permitted.

There is hope however, because:
On September 23rd 2016, the German Bundesrat in its 948th Session (Drucksache 332/16 (Beschluss) ab Seite 3)
requested, that the German federal government should set the legal prerequisites for allowing electric skateboards and other vehicles with an electric motor on public roads. (If you want to be the first to know what happens there, why don't you subscribe to our Newsletter )

Until then riding an electric skateboard in public may lead to convictions of one or more of the following:
Driving without insurance – Criminal offence
Driving without Vehicle Type Approval – administrative offence
Driving on the sidewalk – administrative offence
Driving of a non street worthy vehicle – administrative offence
Driving without a license - administrative offence

Although the only criminal offence is driving without insurance, the others, when added can become quite expensive. Additionally: You may receive penalty points even if you don't have a drivers license