Junsi Balancer board CB1010-TP

Junsi Balancer board CB1010-TP
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  • ESK8B10493
Junsi CB1010-AQP adapter board for Multiplex, TP to connect Lipo batteries with Flightpower,... more
Product information "Junsi Balancer board CB1010-TP"

Junsi CB1010-AQP adapter board for Multiplex, TP
to connect Lipo batteries with Flightpower, Thunderpower, Multiplex voltage-sensor cables to junsi chargers.

Suitable for the following battery pack configurations: 2S, 2*2S, 3*2S, 3S, 2*3S, 3*3S, 4S, 2*4S, 5S, 2*5S, 6S.
A balancer board is used to charge the individual cells of a battery pack evenly. Because of the different internal resistance of the cells in a battery pack some cells load faster than other (they drift). This may lead to an accidental overcharging and therefore over-stressing of the cell. The consequence: Some cells die sooner than others and the whole battery pack becomes useless.
If you want your battery pack to live long, you should keep everything balanced.

When balancing your battery pack the cells MUST NOT be connected to different banks on the board!

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